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Our History

Yeon & Nature delivers the best medical service.


As traditional natural childbirth started to be perceived as natural birth, many obstetrics & gynecology hospitals are receiving not only the expertise but also interior design of Yeon & Nature, and Chief Director Park, Ji Won is actively engaged in outside lectures and education.

2015 Apr. Hosted 2nd Korean HypnoBirthing practitioner course
2014 Dec. Hosted 1st Korean spinning baby workshop
Oct. Hosted 1st Korean HynoBirthing practitioner course
2013 01 Dec 1 year birthday of Yeon&Nature - Bravo Bravisimo Concert
Jun. Half-year old birthday anniversary concert
Mar. Training of 1st Yeon & Nature Doula
2012 Dec. Chief Director Park. Jie Won appointed as Vice President of Korea Birthing Network (KBN) hosted by Yeon & Nature
Yeon & Nature opens in Cheongdam-dong
2011 Co-Director of Mediflower, Seocho-dong
2009 Open of Sejong Obstetrics & Gynecologist Hospital, Seocho-dong – Authentic Obstetrics & Gynecologist, Outpatient treatment and gynecologist plastic surgery